freight, customs, freight forwarding and logistics services

Additional insurance

of all risk factors




Cargo transportation, customs clearance, freight forwarding and logistics services. All our shipments are covered by additional insurance with an all risks policy.


  • Domestic and international freight carriage by road in the European Union (EU) and CIS countries.
  • Transportation in 13.6 loading metre (LDM) tent and refrigerated trailers.
  • Freight transportation services to/from Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and Poland, with door to door delivery.
  • Deliveries and trucks with 3.5 to 24 tons lifting capacity, 0.35 to 120 cubic meters (cbm).
  • Delivery of partial and selective cargo door to door in the EU and CIS countries.
  • Transportation of 1 to 38 Euro pallets (Euro Pal) from 0.100 to 24,000 kg.


  • Export, import and transit procedure documents, TIR Carnet books and CMR waybill opening for transit cargo; Client representation in customs during import, export, transit or other procedures.
  • Storage and handling services: Powered and manual loading of goods.
  • Free warehouse with free zone status.
  • Customs brokerage services in Russia.
  • Warehousing services in Russia.
  • Delivery of customer goods to warehouses in Russia.


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